Window Tinting


The window film percentages very from shop to shop. Joe' Tint Shop offers 30%, 20%, 12% and 5% films for the automotive department. 


The experts at Joe's Tint Shop offer the best window film and installation in the northerner Nevada and California areas. Every vehicle is treated with the same high level of expertise.  We guaranty it!


Joe's Tint Shop also specializes in window tinting services for recreational vehicles such as boats and RV's, take advantage of the best company in the industry to take care of your toys and get them ready for the season.


Joe's Tint Shop has over 25 years experience in residential commercial and automotive window tinting. We are the best choice in quality and customer service so don't waist your time and money on second best. 

The Solar Gard Difference


Solar Gard has an industry-leading warranty, and our customer service teams ensure claims are processed quickly.


Solar Gard offers exceptional quality films that ensure color stability throughout their lifetime.


Retaining clarity is good for aesthetics, but it is also important for safety. Inferior metalized film can cloud – distorting vision and increasing glare.